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Forgot your password? By 75guitar , August 3, in Electric Guitars. Recently purchased the below Epiphone Emperor II guitar from a local pawn shop and am trying to determine what year it was made and anything thing else about this guitar. That being said, this one has NO “Joe Pass” markings on the pick guard, truss rod cover, or anywhere else. Logic would suggest that this dates this guitar pre however the and earlier models I’ve seen pictures of have different tailpieces. Made in Korea. Serial number is S

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Epiphone is a musical instrument manufacturer founded in by Anastasios Stathopoulos. Epiphone was Gibson’s main rival in the archtop market. Their professional archtops, including the Emperor, Deluxe, Broadway and Triumph, rivaled those of Gibson. Epiphone is now a subsidiary of the Gibson Corporation. Because of this subsidiary relationship, many of the instruments are based upon the more expensive Gibson versions, but at a more affordable price point.

To learn more about Epiphone, see The Unofficial Epiphonewiki.

This looks like an ordinary post-war Epiphone Emperor that could date anywhere from until , but its interior Item was passed. Epiphone Acoustic.

At Haworth Guitars, we believe Epiphone Guitars alongside Gibson are some of the most iconic guitars on the planet and have been for many years. Epiphone consistently builds quality electric guitars, acoustic guitars and folk instruments at reasonable price-points making Epiphone Guitars some of the most easily accessible guitars around. Epiphone Guitars Australia.

Haworth Guitars are the leading dealer of Epiphone Guitars in Australia with a great range of Epiphone Guitars for sale across both our stores and online. Our staff are also some of the biggest fans of Epiphone Guitars in Australia and are passionate about this iconic brand and the gorgeous guitars Epiphone build. Epiphone Guitars Sydney. Epiphone Les Paul. The Epiphone Les Paul is one of the most iconic rock guitars in the world with Gibson building the first Les Paul in These days there is a great range of Epiphone Les Paul Guitars to choose from ranging from entry-level to advanced.

Epiphone SG. The Epiphone SG guitar is a classic rock instrument and has been used by well-known guitarists around the globe for decades now! Epiphone Archtop Guitars.

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

General Information and Specs. Epiphone vintage guitars general info and collecting. Private vintage guitar collector.

The Emperor (single cutaway) is the rarest of the thinlines (66 made). Model numbers date from Epiphone’s ownership by Conn in until Gibson moved.

Understanding Epiphone’s SN systems — number ranges assigned to model batches. Epiphone’s stringed instruments of the — period typically show a visible serial number — high-end models the same way as lower-priced instruments. Several different SN systems were used depending on instrument type and time period — mostly employing consecutive, ascending numbers following the timeline of production see detailed analysis in chapter 3 ff. Acoustic instruments — SNs starting at and ending around SN on label or stamped inside body.

Details see chapter 2. Acoustic instruments —, including electric hollowbody instruments — SNs starting at and ending around SN on label inside body. Electric instruments — The earliest electric instruments from don’t bear a SN; SNs starting by around 25 and ending around SN stamped on headstock.

Epiphone Unveils the Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO and Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO

Save Password. Here is my plausible model based on known catalogs, advertisements, large sample of Epiphone SN with full characterizations to help track changes. I welcome any new information that can help strengthen this up any further. Hercules Tuners occasionally found. Some early Bandmasters found with nickel plated flanges, also made of maple instead of the later Brazilian Rosewood. Resonator sometimes has wood inserts to support flange.

The serial numbers were blind stamped on the interior back under the bass were offered under another brand, they are part of the same serial number system.

Activate social media for sharing. Data will only be sent via social networks with your consent. The Epiphone Emperor Swingster Semi-Acoustic Guitar OR showcases excellent craftsmanship and playability offering value for money with this eye catching hollow body six string. World famous for making some of the best and most innovative hollow-body guitars, Epiphone conjures up some of its past with the Emperor Swingster.

Starting with the same body and neck as used on their Emperor-II guitar and made famous by the jazz master himself, Joe Pass, Epiphone swings into action and turns it into a serious twangin’, rock-a-billy slingin’, country flingin’ machine! The Swingster looks soooo good – And it sounds just as good. If you were considering this guitar along side others of similar specifications, look no further. I spent a lot of time researching the Swingster against similar Gretsch models, and came to the conclusion that the Swingster had more ‘pros’ versus ‘cons’ than equivalent Gretsch models – And the current price of the Swingster May , makes the choice a no brainer.

Do yourself a favour and get this limited edition model whilst it’s at a good price. By the way, Sunrise Orange looks great with the flamed maple I was looking to buy a Swingster and Music Store were knocking this guitar at a great price, far better than the UK stores. I was a little concerned at how they were doing this – B Stock? I needn’t have worried, the guitar arrived after a couple of days probably quicker than UK store and it was perfect straight out of the box – just needed tuning.

Epiphone Original Emperor Joe Pass Made in Korea w/Case

By Wetdog , October 4, in Epiphone Electrics. I’m a huge fan of Epiphone, especially pre-Gibson. I own a Zenith I found in a second hand store. It’s awaiting me to perform a neck re-set and install new binding. It is blond, has the orange label inside but the serial number line is blank. The pick guard has the Epi “E” but no name or signiture.

Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in by Anastasios Unique Epiphone models, including the Emperor, Zephyr, Riviera and Sheraton, Current Epiphone serial numbers give the following information:​.

The Masterbilt serialnumber system did not start with the number but with the number The reason for this is unknown. Quite often the serialnumber was also blind stamped some handwritten on the underside of the bridgefoot. Occasionally the serialnumber was handwritten on one of the braces. NOTE: Although the Sorrentino and the Howard guitars were offered under another brand, they are part of the same serial number system.

Fred, The House of Stathopoulo , , pp. Over the years a number of different SN systems were used. This manifested itself in the form of a blind stamped number between three and five digits, usually located on the top rear of the headstock.

Is this a Japanese Epiphone Emperor

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Starting with the same body and neck as used on the Epiphone Emperor II guitar and made famous by the jazz master himself, Joe Pass, Epiphone swings into.

Specs are usually on ebay for vintage sunburst: current serial number is? Three historic epiphone serial number formats from 25 factories in manufacturers. Supported brands in a large collection of an epiphone guitars, The guitardating the reason for a guide will help you identify your gibson guitar to figure it.

Current blue book of epiphone catalog, gibson serialization identifying gibson are supported. Subject: steel-string acoustic and inspecting the epiphone to. Renee richards big bass f-hole, today’s steel-string acoustic models from the widely known guitar.

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Founded in by Anastasios Stathopoulos based in Nashville, Tennessee; The Epiphone Company was Gibson’s main rival in the electric guitar archtop market, including their professional archtops such as the Empower, Deluxe, Broadway, and Triumph. In the s, Epiphone began to produce instruments from their plant in Matsumoku, Japan. At this point, Epiphone had stopped the production of their traditional designs in favour of less expensive guitars, of which many used a less traditional bolt-on neck style and unspecified wood types.

Order your Epiphone product online today, if you’d prefer to try before you buy then head on down to our store based in Colchester and we will be happy to assist.

The Epiphone Emperor Swingster features archtop jazz guitar styling and updated electronics including SwingBucker pickups with push/pull tone controls that.

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Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II • SN: 1211211304